Company Owned Life Insurance

Executive Deferred Compensation Plans, Key Man Life Insurance, and Advanced Personal Life Insurance Strategies.

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) has many tax advantaged benefits, not only to the business, but to the executitves, or “Key Man” employees.  These benefits range from better employee retention, and cost recouping of employee benefits, to no stated IRS limit on retirement contributions (with a Supplemental Retirement Income Plan) and tax deductable premiums.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs),  are flexible, nonqualified executive deferred compensation plans.  Premiums can be tax deductible to the business.  SERPs utilizing life insurance provide more options such as:

  • Retirement Income
  • Death Benefit
  • Advance of Death Benefit to Pay Expensive Medical Bills

Click here to learn more about SERPs using company owned life insurance.

Key Man Insurance

Key Person Life Insurance is a life insurance policy owned and payable to the company insuring the lives of employees whose death would cause significant economic loss to the business.  These policies remain as assets to the company, and premiums are deductable.

If used as an Employee Benefit, the policy could be transferred to the insured at a predetermined schedule.  Premiums may be paid entirely by the company, or set up as a split dollar life insurance where the company and the employee share in the premium costs.  At the insured’s passing, the death benefit is paid proportionally to the company and the insured’s beneficiaries.

Click here to learn more about key man life insurance policies.

Life Insurance for Business Owners

Business owners have great flexibility in retirement funding options.  Life insurance owned and funded by the company provides a tax efficient vehicle to provide tax advantaged retirement income, as well as an effective tool for succession planning and protecting loved ones.

Buy Sell Agreement Insurance

Many partnerships have a legal buy sell agreement structured by attorneys and funded through life insurance.

In the event of a partner’s passing, many times the surviving family receives the deceased partner’s shares in the company.

The Buy Sell Agreement Life Insurance provides immediate, tax-free cash to the surviving partners’ to buy the surviving family members inherited interest in the business.

Company Owned Life Insurance Strategies 

Business Owned Life Insurance

Immediate Concerns

  • Growing your business
  • Retaining key people
  • Attracting top talent

Future Needs

  • Saving for retirement
  • Eventually selling the business for maximum value
  • Maximizing and efficiently transferring the value of your estate

Our Process


We believe you cannot architect the best solutions without true independence.  Metz Strategic Insurance Solutions contracts with the top insurance companies for advanced market solutions with 100% independence from all insurance companies.

This allows us to always provide insurance contracts with the lowest fees, the best performance, the most options…and sometimes all three.

That is simply not possilble with most insurance advisors whom contract solely with one insurance company.


Our systematic approach is properly address all major areas life insurance strategies may be effective for solving some of your business’s most pressing concerns.

  1. Business Growth
  2. Retirement Plans
  3. Business Owner Retirement
  4. Business Owner Estate Planning
  5. Executive Compensation
  6. Key Person Insurance
  7. Business Succession

By understanding your business, we are able to design solutions on your key priorites.  


The true value of independence comes in our ability to compare.  We design insurance solutions with various top insurance carriers to get a direct comparison.  Rates and fees change annually, so it is imperative to have comparison as a systematic part of our process.

If fees are of greatest concern, we compare apples-to-apples on the fee structures.

If cash value indexing perfomance is of greatest concern, we compare apples-to-apples the to indexing strategies from top insurance carriers.


As rates, fees, and insurance options may change annually, we review our clients policies annually to assure the best performance policies and the greatest value.

As your needs, or the needs of the business change, we are there to assure your insurance is optimized.

Rest Assured, You or Your Company is Covered

When it comes to optimizing your company’s benefits, or your own tax-free retirement income, life insurance has proven to be the most stable, effective solution.  Click below to schedule your complimentary 15 minute initial phone consultation.

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