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I dedicate time each week to answering questions from people all over the US on company owned life insurance and other deferred compensation insurance strategies.  If you have something you want to know more about, have a specific question that relates to one of my posts, or just need a little free guidance – feel free to reach out with the contact form below.

Usually, I personally reply within 24 hours.  If I’m out of town, or perhaps backlogged a bit…someone on staff will replay in my stead.

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You may send us a message here.  We typically respond by the end of the business day.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change policies?

Yes.  Many clients come to us with an old policy that may not have the benefits they need, or may have excessive fees, or not have the cash value growth they desire.  We can do a 1035 exchange, which allows you to cancel your old policy, move the cash value to your new policy, and do it all tax free.


Do I have to own a business?

No.  Many of the same benefits of a corporate owned life insurance (COLI) policy are available to individuals.  The main difference is that COLI’s have the option for the premiums to be a deductable expense to the business.


Is there a minimum?

No…there isn’t a minimum, as long as there is enough premiums to pay the cost of insurance and fees in addition to the money going into your cash value.  Of course, the more you put into a policy for yourself or your employee, the more benefits come to the policy from the effects of compound interest.


I'm not in your area. Can we still use your service?

Yes.  Today, we can work 100% virtually.  Our process involves web conferences, and e-apps…making it extremely efficient.  So we can work with any person or company in the United States.

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The first step is to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation.  During this time, we will ask about your needs and help you decide if life insurance is a suitable solution for you or your company.

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